Health, Safety, Environment & Quality (HSEQ)

HSEQ at Messer

When your company slogan is “Gases for Life,” you have to take health, safety, and environmental concerns to heart. We do.

Health, safety and environmental protection are foundational principles of our business. They are core to everything we do, and our decision making, actions, and behaviors will adhere to these values 100% of the time.
Messer complies with all applicable requirements determined by regulatory authorities, our customers and our own strict quality standards. The well-being of our customers, communities, people and planet is our number one priority. Messer will always act to prevent harm to people, society and the environmen

Quality policy at Messer

At Messer, our policy on quality is simple:

We do it right consistently, the first time.
We do it better continuously.

Messer is considered an industry leader for product and service quality, a reputation we’ve earned by making quality a point of pride for every single employee. Every member of our team is equipped, empowered and expected to deliver quality excellence.

Safety Data Sheets (SDS)

For advice on the safe use and handling of our products, consult the Safety Data Sheets

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