CO2 and N2 are highly effective gases for enhancing oil & gas production, and Messer – as a leader in cutting-edge oil & gas solutions – can advance your exploration and production (E&P), and enhanced oil recovery (EOR) efforts, and help maximize your expected ultimate recovery (EUR).

We are the leading supplier of CO2 in North America, having delivered CO2 to oil fields since 1979, and serve nearly every major basin on the continent. Moreover, we design, build, own, and operate on-site air-separation plants for nitrogen.

Let us come alongside you to provide a better way to economically stimulate your wells.

We deliver:

  • Next generation solutions combining gas and nanoparticles

  • “Huff-n-Puff” (HNP) pumping units for single-well injection applications

  • Mobile gas cleanup unit (MGCU)

  • Experienced and professional on-site support personnel with impeccable standards and safety records

  • Knowledgeable, local and empowered sales, applications and engineering personnel that ensure your complete satisfaction

  • A complete fleet of CO2 transports, even to remote locations

  • Portable CO2 and nitrogen queen storage units

  • CO2 booster pumps

  • High pressure pumping nitrogen equipment

Any questions about Messer Solutions? We’re here to help.